Jurisprudence (Legal theory) – An Introduction

Jurisprudence (Legal theory) – An Introduction


Jurisprudence (Legal theory) means ???Knowledge or Science of Law???.

The law of Contract and Tort is concerned with different rights which one person may have against another. Jurisprudence on the other hand, studies the meaning of the terms ???rights??? in the abstract.

Similarly, it investigates other legal concepts and tries to build up a general and more comprehensive picture of each concept as a whole.


There is difference of opinion about the nature of jurisprudence. It is called both Art and Science. But to call it Science would be more proper and useful.

In the same way jurisprudence is concerned with the fundamental principles of law, systematic and scientific study of their methods.

Majority of jurists call jurisprudence as a Social Science. Some other jurists call it a Formal Science.


Jurisprudence is ???

??? Grammar of law

??? Eye of Law

??? Fundamental Principle of Law

??? Great Educational Value

??? Helps in Legislation

??? Helps Judges and Lawyers, in ascertaining true meaning of law

??? The heart of Legal Enterprise, is the concept of law.

Without deep understanding of this concept neither legal practice nor legal education can be purposive activity.

Let us see some important aspects related to it further.


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